Welcome for work and live in Netherlands! Do you want to have a legal dream job in a cosmopolitan safe stable and modern European country? The country with warm welcome for foreign workers and very attractive to live and work in! We can do this while you dream about it!

You are from Ukraine or other country outside EU/EEA and you can legally work in Netherlands!

Official work in the Netherlands means stability and success for you and your family! Friendly environment, flexible working hours, European salaries, comfortable working conditions to harmonize home-work balance, everything for future open perspectives to you and your families.

The Dutch labor market has nearly 90 000 vacancies not filled in:

  • Technical service
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • IT/computers
  • Hospitality
  • Seasonal work and other sectors

What makes legal work in the Netherlands attractive

Average yearly salary income is about 25000 Euro variating between sectors, it is in line with the most Westerm European countries. The minimum wages limit is adjusted every 6 months in the Netherlands and as of July 1, 2014 it is 1495, 20 Euro monthly. The highest salaries are in mining and chemical industry, banking, insurance, less earnings in agriculture and textile industry.

Working hours are usually maximum 9 daily or 45 weekly, maximum allowed – 12 hours per day and 60 hours per week. Hours may be flexible: part-time 3-4 working days, half days, 4 extended working days (9-10 hours), max 10 hours shifts and up to 25 vacation days.

What a non EU/EEA candidate must have for legal work in the Netherlands 

  • Official employment contract
  • MVV Visa for staying in the Netherlands more than 90 days
  • The residence permit and work permit or the Admission and Residence Procedure (TEV) or a Single Licence combined for residence and work permit
  • Legalized foreign documents (education and qualification documents) and check they comply with IND requirements
  • BSN – personal tax identification number (for registering taxes and social security contributions as required by the Dutch government)
  • Compulsory medical insurance

Working and living in the Netherlands

EU Blue card attracts highly qualified third countries workers 

EU Blue card program is aimed for highly skilled non-EU citizens who want to work in one of the EU member states. It was implemented to attract highly skilled migrants to Europe and to stimulate mobility of workers within the European Union. The EU Blue card directive is implemented in Dutch immigration legislation, it is the Dutch highly skilled migrant permit. The holder of a EU Blue Card and his family receive a number of benefits in the Dutch migration process: straightforward and simple recruiting, quick procedure, possibilities for family reunification, work allowance for family members, work permit not required, mobility in EU.

Software development – your passion? Go to the Netherlands!

All the Dutch migration procedures are many and complex and may be very specific, trust this special work to the specialists! Relying on the professional international employment company ClarusApex you receive:

  • all necessary support for job hunting in Netherlands starting from general information to you start your work in Netherlands;
  • min risks;
  • accelerated and facilitated legal procedures;
  • professional consultations and reliable detailed information on the issues arising.

Looking forward for your CV: application@gerardacademy.com

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