List of Worse Questions You May Ask Employers

During the job interview be very careful when you want to ask something. We prepared the list of worse questions to avoid asking. 1. Tell me more about your company? It’s your job to do your homework before the interview. NEVER ask a question that can be answered by Google 2. How often do we […]

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5 Myths and Fears About Jobs Abroad

 A lot of people dream about job abroad, don’t they? But not too many of them try to do something to apply for a dream-job. Why? First of all because of their fears and myths about work abroad. ClarusApex have been placing to a  job different specialists from different countries for more than 7 years. Every […]

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Do You Know How to Criticize in a Proper Way?

Let’s talk about the most popular mistakes in communication. You are welcome to add your own experience in comments. Communication is very powerful instrument. You can use it to build wonderful relationships, or you can use it to destroy them. Sometimes you communicate even without knowing that you’re making mistakes. Mistake 1 – Dismissing the […]

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5 Tips for International Job Search

The job market isn’t what it used to be. With limited job opportunities, qualified and talented individuals simply can’t find work in their own countries. Catch your chance and start international job hunting now! Working and living abroad is not only a viable option, but there are hidden benefits such as paying fewer taxes, learning a […]

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Best Ways to do Interviewing and Selling Yourself

During the interview, you must convey to your potential employer that you’re the best fit for the job. Let’s think together! What do employers look for? Confidence – eye contact, handshake, attire Personality – smile, small talk, stay calm Enthusiasm – speak up, get excited, ask questions Work ethic – be early, give examples Dedication –follow […]

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4 Healthcare Technologies New Nurses Must Master

Informatics Nurses An informatics nurse has the responsibility of managing, interpreting and communicating to the rest of the staff important medical data about patients. This data will come from doctors’ offices, clinics and other medical facilities the patient has visited. Nursing informaticists must be skilled in computer science and well versed in information technology and nursing science. They are responsible […]

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6 Surefire Ways to Advance Your Healthcare Career

1. Continue Your Education A healthcare education never truly ends, and healthcare providers who fail to expand their formal education will struggle to advance their careers. Fortunately, almost every healthcare specialization comes with plenty of certificate or advanced degree options. For instance, RNs can obtain a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) and specialize in clinical, […]

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CV Writing Advice from ClarusApex

Your Curriculum Vitae is a self-marketing tool and is designed in order for you to make it to the next step in the employment process. All you have to do is expand on your skills, and communicate your worth at the interview and you will achieve success. Consider why you want this job Before you […]

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