The Kingdom of Bahrain or simply Bahrain is an island country which is located in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is an amalgamation of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf, which are situated between the east coast of Saudi Arabia and the Qatar Peninsula. Arabic is the primary language of the country although English, Persian and Urdu are also spoken. Ever since it was declared a kingdom in 2002, Bahrain has been one of the fast developing nations and has been identified by the World Bank as a high income economy. Bahrain is one of the fastest growing economies in the whole of Arab world. The term ‘Bahrain' is an Arabic word which means two sources of water, sweet water springs and salty water in the seas that surrounds the island country.

In Manama, the capital of Bahrain, you can experience the Arab traditions, beautiful historical buildings, modern restaurants, luxurious shopping opportunities and nightlife living side by side. The wealthy city of Manama also hosts lovely beaches and offers leisure activities from diving and sailing to golf and camel riding.

Manama, the city of contrasts with modern buildings and beautiful mosques
The city of Manama is a fascinating blend of old and new: there are modern buildings, hotels, beautiful mosques and old neighborhoods. The largest building in Bahrain, Al-Fatih Mosque is absolutely worth visiting. Pearl monument is the landmark of the city. The colorful, traditional souqs are great for shopping in Manama at relatively affordable prices. In the beautiful mosques and excellent museums in Manama you can experience the fascinating and rich ancient history of Bahrain.

Entertainment & culture

Although most visitors from the neighboring countries come here because of the liberal alcohol laws creating some lively nightlife in Manama, there are also cultural and sports activities to attend in the city. Theatres and cinemas are available in Manama, as well as spectator sports. Bahrain has long traditions in pearl diving and even today there are good opportunities for diving in Manama. There is also an excellent course for playing golf in Manama.

Practical information for your stay in Manama

The largest city in Bahrain, Manama is situated in the north side of Bahrain Island. Climate in Manama is similar to the rest of the country with very hot and dry summers with some wind, and mild and pleasant winters with only little rain.

Flights to Manama arrive at the Bahrain International Airport on Muharraq Island close to the city. Visas to Bahrain can be obtained on arrival by most nationalities.


Manama is a quite safe city. The local police keep a good look-out for the safety in the country. Everywhere you can see policemen are guarding the safety. Also you can call the police and they will come immediately. Crime in Manama is rare, but visitors should keep an eye on their belongings and be aware of pickpockets in crowds (as in any country, of course).

Modern services

Manama has good modern facilities for visitors. There are plenty of modern hotels in Manama and numerous good nightclubs and restaurants in Manama. English is spoken by many local people.

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