Many people want to work overseas. Other countries, other people, other conditions, opening new opportunities, the idea that everything is different and much better are haunted. The standard of living in the country is low that’s why it is important to scale new heights to improve life, because we create it. Working abroad promises a good salary, but at the same time there are many questions. How to get to work abroad? How to find appropriate agency? And how to find a decent employer?

1. The Aim of going abroad.

You need to know exactly what you want, to see the country, to improve the language or simply because it is fashionable. In fact, it is really very important because you have to know what work is suitable for you. Will be it a restaurant, hotel business, services, or the same work in agriculture sphere or supermarkets.

2. Find an employer yourself or use Ukrainian intermediary companies?

Of course you can try to find an employer yourself, but is it reliable?! We advise you to use the intermediary company services. As a result you’ll be sure and calm. Entrust these important matters to the professionals.

3. How not to get to the “scab”?

When choosing the agency you should be very careful. Many companies are engaged in employment abroad without the permission from the Ministry. Notice what kind of activity is registered in the license, perhaps there is no word about employment. Crooks often slip license for any other related activities (for example, any definition can be brought under the consultation services).

4. Keep necessary documents.

You have decided to go abroad, found a decent agency, now you need to collect the documents you need. Do not worry about this, because the agency will help you to cope with details.

5. Make a resume.

That’s the moment when you have to show your best side. Do not miss important details. Be sure to specify that you are communicative and tell about your previous experience. It would be also good to learn the language of the country you are going in.

6. Confirm financial aspects.

Financial aspects abroad are opposed to our standards and established rules. It is necessary to pay attention to issues related to taxation. If a company rents an apartment for employee, or pays for health insurance, or arranges employee’s child to school, all these additional payments affect employees’salaries.

7. Follow the law.

When you are abroad, then you are under the laws of the country in which you are, so it is advisable to have an idea about the laws of the country in order not to get into trouble. Upon arrival you have to register with the Ukrainian diplomatic mission or consular post. And do not lose links with your families from Ukraine.
If you want to be sure of your safety in a foreign country you are in, our company is for you. ClarusApex is one of the leading Eastern European migration specialists opening new great employment opportunities for candidates from all kind of industries and levels worldwide. And you can be sure that we have an official license for the provision of employment abroad. Visit us and we will find you a good job.

Who we are?

ClarusApex is an international recruiting company, operating in 45 countries. Our customers love our services as we supply them with top talent without borders. Candidates trust us, because we care for them during their whole work.

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