During the job interview be very careful when you want to ask something. We prepared the list of worse questions to avoid asking.

1. Tell me more about your company?
It’s your job to do your homework before the interview. NEVER ask a question that can be answered by Google

2. How often do we get paid?
Are you interested in the position or the paycheck? During the interview, your main task is to show how interested and excited you are about the work, but not about your salary. It means, of course, you have to know about your salary, but don’t be very cheeky.

3. What happened to the person before me in this position?
Maybe they got hired, maybe they got promoted – but you don’t know. You’re not renting an apartment and trying to figure out why the previous homeowners left.

4. What kind of health package/benefits do you offer?
You’re not an employee yet. Although this is important information to know, if you move along in the interview process as a serious candidate for the position, benefits will be discussed with you.

5. Do you monitor Internet usage or work email?
A company isn’t interested in someone who’s worried about these sorts of things. You’ll come across as someone who spends hours on Facebook during the workday instead of a person who uses their time effectively.

6. How quickly can I be promoted? How long before I get a raise?
Such question makes you look money-hungry and unwilling to prove your way to the top.

7. I heard (gossip… gossip… gossip). Is it true?
No comments

8. How many sick days do you allow?
This tells your employer that you get sick very often…

9. Can I work from home if I need?
You’ve hardly been hired and you’re already looking to escape the office.

10. Am I expected to work on weekends?
This makes you sound lazy and unavailable. Employers want to know you’re excited and ready sometimes to work more than usual.

Good luck! Be clever and do not pass up the perfect opportunity to prove your inquiring mind and potential role within the company


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