Nowadays in Poland we can observe a notable labour outflows, shortage of such personnel as drivers, welders, workers, plumbers, and builders. It occurs because many Poles move to other EU countries for work, for example, tempting conditions of employment are offered by Germany and Great Britain.

Ukrainian drivers are the most conscientious

Drivers from Ukraine are in-demand in Poland because they are ready to work for an average salary which doesn't suit native Poles any more. Ukrainians approved themselves as responsible, hardworking and conscientious workers. Therefore employers pay to them high attention, and allegedly up to 90% of all foreigners in Poland are Ukrainians.

It is much more favourable to work on the foreign employer, than on the Ukrainian company. Among prospects are a new modern car, good salary, and comfortable working conditions.
Employment abroad is a labour-intensive process, that`s why if you are grimly determined to find job in Poland, it`s necessary to prepare all the documents. So where to start if you the skilled driver, but have never worked abroad?

Driving license category “C”, “E”

Not only “Jacket” is important, but also your working experience. As far as only those drivers who worked on roads of the homeland and the neighbouring countries at least three years have the right to work at the international highways. It guarantees that the driver knows traffic regulations and won't become out of bearing on the loaded route.

International Driving Permit

Driver’s licenses from outside the EU must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP). This must be obtained before the departure from an issuing agency in your home country.
There is no need to pass any driving tests. This international document is issued on the basis of the available driver's license. Why it is necessary? The Ukrainian driving license doesn't conform to requirements of the legislation of other countries and the international driver's license. They are translated into Latin not completely, and also there is no all necessary data (the residential address, growth, color of eyes).

Digital tachograph card (chip)

The card is necessary for identification of the driver. Also for data storage about the periods of his work and rest while driving the vehicle which is equipped with the digital tachograph.
The driver's card is issued directly to the driver in the single copy for a period of 3 years. It is necessary to provide the copy of the passport, the certificate of the driver and a photo for filing of application. It is best of all to make it in the country of the continuous accommodation as there you receive the card for 3-5 years, and in Poland only on period of validity of the visa or residence permit. Besides you will spend about one month for its expectation.

Courses on transportation of freight or the ADR certificate you will be able to pass in Poland (Świadectwo kwalifikacji zawodowej). Courses last some days and are valid for 5 years.
Pay attention – without passing of these courses you won't be able to find a legal job.

Experience in international routes (from 2 years)

Many prestigious companies with the high level of salaries quite often focus attention on the international experience of driving (from two to five years). Therefore at first be ready to find a job in the small company, where salary is little lower.

Second-language skills

The international driver must have at least basic knowledge of foreign words and phrases which he constantly uses. And, of course, be able to make simple sentences.
Poland attracts immigrants with a simple state language in studying. But also knowledge of English is also important in the case of career development – you will be engaged in a cargo transportation on all European Union countries, and it means implementation of €1500-2000 to the salary.

If you already have all necessary documents or just start the preparation for employment in Poland, catch your chance to get a good job now!

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