Mesotherapy involves the injection of small amounts of medication, vitamins and amino acids into the mesoderm (the middle layer of skin). The substance is placed just millimeters under the skin into the problematic area through a series of tiny and almost painless micro-injections to deliver healing or corrective treatments. Mesotherapy was pioneered by Dr Michel Pistor in 1952 and was given formal recognition by the French Academy of Medicine in 1987. It is currently used by more than 15 000 medical practitioners, throughout Europe, Great Britain and South America.

Mesotherapy blocks the body's ability to store fat and stimulates the body's ability to burn fat.

Mesotherapy has many advantages. It eliminates the side-effects and contra-indications associated with many medications. Often medication intolerance is due to the fact that medication reaches parts of the body that has no need for it. Because the target area is reached immediately and the substance is at the correct concentration, the amount of the drug needed is greatly reduced and the effects can be realized more rapidly. The only side-effect is the possibility of minor bruising. Mesotherapy is virtually painless, requires no down-time, no bandages or an aesthesia.

After a thorough evaluation by the medical practitioner, the target areas are administered, covering the whole of the area. There are various methods of injecting, such as injection guns, multiple needle administration apparatus and ordinary syringes and small gauge needles.

The injection procedure is carried out every two weeks for 8 to 10 sessions. In the week between the treatments, the patient must have an Endermologie® treatment to smooth the area and encourage circulation.

  • Mesotherapy Benefits Include:
    • improved blood flow to the area
    • dissolving excess fat deposits
    • removing fibrotic hardened connective tissue
    • improved lymph drainage
    • get rid of love handles, bra bulge or saddlebags
    • excellent results on loose skin & cellulite!!

Mesotherapy can be used on any part of the body, including double chin and fat pads under the eyes. Alternative mesotherapy treatments include injections to stimulate hair growth, micro injections in the face that turn back the clock on the skin and various other medical conditions.

Special types of mesotherapy offered by Vivacite:

Cellulite mesotherapy

  • A four stage treatment for cellulite
    • Reduces lipo-edemas
    • Restores an efficient micro-circulation
    • Stimulates lipolysis (fatcell breakdown)
    • Restructures and protects connective tissue
  • Revitalizing mesotherapy
    • For the prevention of loose skin in young and mature skins
    • To strengthen the firmness of skins prematurely damaged by outside aggressions (sun, smoking, pollution, etc.)
    • For the treatment of sagging skin following weight changes (diet, pregnancy, liposuction)
    • Following a treatment with Cellulyse
  • Lifting mesotherapy
    • Treatment for photoaging: pigmented spots, dry or rough skin, hyperkeratosis, smoothing of superficial wrinkles.
    • Hydration of the skin
    • Treatment with micronutrient complex
    • Blocking the production of free radicals
    • Nutrition of the skin

Hair mesotherapy (Hair Treatment)

Local treatment for male pattern baldness. It restores an effective micro-circulation of the scalp and revitalizes the follicles. It effectively combats hair loss.


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