How soon can you make a good impression during an interview? I think, less than in five minutes. At the best, you have 15 minutes to make a strong impression before being blackballed by the employer.

Due to our experience in recruiting, company ClarusApex prepared TOP-list of most detrimental blunders that candidates make during the the interviews. Our human resources personnel often receive thousands of non-verbal cues within the first minute of interview. Very often most of mistakes are common.


1. Appearing disinterested, arrogant, dressing inappropriately can be a simple case of bad body language.
2. Talking negatively about current or previous employers.
3. Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview.
4. Not giving accurate examples.
5. Not asking good questions.
6. Giving too much personal information. Feel free to tell them a little about you personality. Let them get to know about you. After all they will have to work with you every day and you want them to like the thought of having you around – 80 % of business information, 20 % of personal information.
7. Asking the hiring manager some privat questions. It is a good way to bond during a job interview, but don’t get too personal and try not to be too cheeky.

How to avoid dressing inappropriately for an interview:

• Appropriate clouthing supports your image as a person who takes the interview process seriously and understands the nature of the industry in which you are trying to become employed.

• Dressing nicely and appropriately is a compliment to the person you meet, so is better to dress to a higher standard than you might need to.

• Even if you are aware that employees of an organization dress casually on the job, dress more formally for the interview unless you are told to do otherwise by the employer. The interview is a professional meeting and thus a more formal occasion than daily work.

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