“We offer a high salary, a job without experience, without knowledge of foreign language” – such sweet offers can be found on the Internet by typing words “work abroad.” But is there any use to believe in such “vacancies” and how not to fall into the trap?

International recruiting company ClarusApex and its founder Stefan Lilienkamp have more than eight years of experience in recruiting staff in the international labor market. ClarusApex helped more than thousand people to catch an opportunity to have rapid career and a better life. During this time ClarusApex team have heard from the applicants many facts of bad experience, disappointments, and complaints about such dishonest firms.

– During interviews many candidates told my really horror stories, – says Stefan. – Some companies promise mountains of gold for young professionals, but in fact, young people have other work conditions, other position and wages also differ. It is no wonder because there’s always free cheese in a mousetrap. However, a lot of youth still makes same mistakes and want to believe in a fairy tale.

But the reality is rather different. For example, let’s talk about work in the Arab Emirates. In this country, it is easy to get first experience, first money, and good contacts. From the start verdant specialist at the hotel or restaurant will earn from 400 to 800 $. Usually, such salary rate includes «all inclusive»: air tickets (both ways), food, free accommodation, medical insurance and other bonuses. Such income is equivalent salary about $ 1500-2500.

– Exactly such contracts our company offers for verdant specialists in the hospitality, – says the founder of ClarusApex. – It is important to note, after the first contract due to acquired qualifications (Advanced English, experience in world-class companies, the experience in hospitality) you may quite successfully build your careers and increase your wage rate.

The Arab Emirates has changed greatly in last years. This is a highly developed country, a state governed by the rule of law, high technologies, unique in the world, one of the safest countries in the world where there is practically no crime. Here you can find crystal warm sea, best beaches, and hotels luxury class.

– For many people it is an opportunity to practice and improve English, to study at the university (for example, the hotel net Hilton offers such opportunity for free), to build a career, – advises Stefan Lilienkamp. – Besides, our company helps you with getting visa and preparing documents, so in one month you will sign your first contract. Apply for your new job right now! ClausApex offers you the best vacancies abroad.


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