No taxes and English as the working language make the Arab Emirates one of the most attractive countries for the job seekers. But this country is not as simple as it may seem at first sight. In order to obtain quick promotion, one should play the game of this area.

Thus, this country is not for you, if:

1. You dream of easy money, want to gather wealth and come back home with a bag of money. No, in this country you will have to work. In most cases there will be 48 weekly working hours, 6 days a week. Your salary, of course, will be worthy, but first of all you will have to gain some experience, work for future and make your career from scratch.

2. You pitch your expectations too high, having the minimum work experience. You shouldn’t go to Dubai if you have graduated from the foreign languages department and only have good knowledge of English. That’s not enough to be paid a good wage abroad. Your work experience by specialty (!) is the most important for the employer. For this reason, it is naïve to assume, that one will be happy to employ a teacher of English or a manager of the international company for such job openings as a hostess or a receptionist of the hotel in Dubai. Yes, of course, there are some exceptions. But the most important is that you truly evaluate your forces and salary expectations, because you should understand, that you will have to begin your career from scratch.

3. Can’t bear the heat. In Dubai the climate is subtropical and really hot. In summer the temperature can be up to 35-40°C. If you can’t stand such heat, working in Dubai is explicitly not for you. At the same time, it’s much easier to bear hot weather in Dubai than in Europe because of the low moisture in air. Besides, they have conditioning everywhere (hotels, cafes, malls, etc.).

4. You apply for a temporary job abroad. The employment agreements in Dubai are usually signed for 1-2 years with a trial period (typically, 3 to 6 months). The employers are interested in the stable employment of the staff; take care of the professional development and growth for personnel. Dubai is not a city for those, who would like to go back home soon. It’s a city for those people, who are ready to build a career abroad. It’s usually easy to prolong a visa in the Arab Emirates in contrast to the USA or the European countries. The most important is that you have desire to work and develop your skills. In this case, if your employer is interested in you, most likely he will bear all the expenses on the registration of your documents and will pay for your flight, insurance and dwelling.

5. You are looking for love affairs. The United Arab Emirates and Qatar are the countries with strict Muslim traditions. It’s forbidden to hold your boy- or girlfriend by the hand and to kiss him or her in public. Living together (also at the hotel) is illegal.

6. You are intolerant to other nationalities or religions. There is only 20% of the local population, whereas the other 80% make up the Hindu, the Pakistani, the Filipino, the Americans and other nationalities. For this reason mutual respect is first of all. The government of these countries is respectful to the visitors and their traditions. But you should treat the local customs as well. For example, in summer, when Ramadan is celebrated, it is forbidden to eat, drink or even chew a gum outdoors!

If you answered NO to all these arguments, that means, that you are ready to overmaster Dubai! There you will find the job of your dream. And we are ready to help you get ahead. The company ClarusApex knows how to get hired in Dubai.

Looking forward for your CV: application@gerardacademy.com

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