Many people have a passion and love for all things to do with hair and beauty, and becoming a hairdresser is often a perfect fit for that person. Some of these people often found themselves as children helping their friends with their hair by plaiting, braiding and styling their hair, not to mention chopping off the locks of their favourite dolls (or not so favourite sibling). Others decide later in life that a career change is on the cards, and feel like their interest in hair and beauty means that becoming a hairdresser will be a great choice. Some even have experience with styling and cutting their own hair or perhaps the hair of friends and family members, and have decided that it is high time to get qualified and become a professional hairdresser.

Being a hairdresser has many benefits which qualified stylists will tell you about. If you’re thinking about becoming a hairdresser, these are the top reasons to get proactive and become a hairdresser.

You can be creative

Sure enough, you will always have some clients that want to see you but have a set style in mind. But there are also clients who will want you to do what is best for them, their lifestyle and face shape. This is where you can really let your creativity flow and help a client to get the look that is going to work best for them. Using your knowledge of hair styles, hair types and colouring for a person will help you to become more creative in your daily work life, and help to increase interest within your day. Many people do not have the time to be creative outside of work, so having the added benefit of being creative while at work is a great thing for many people.

You’ll meet new people

It goes without saying that many people will go to the hairdresser and, as well as getting their hair cut and styled, will enjoy a nice chat with their stylist. If you enjoy meeting new people and having a conversation, this is going to be a big benefit to you if you want to become a hairdresser. Not only will you be able to have a nice conversation with your client, you’ll be helping them to let off some steam, chat to someone new and help them to de-stress.

Making new friends is always a benefit, whether it be within work or outside of work. You’ll be able to extend your friendship circles, get to know some locals, and keep in touch with what is happening outside of the salon. Being sociable has many benefits and will only work to improve your life positively.

The opportunity to be flexible

Many careers you encounter will only allow you to work a set 9-5 on weekdays, with not much room for change on these hours. This makes it hard for people with children or for those who have other commitments outside of work. Being a hairdresser means that you could have the opportunity to be a little more flexible within your career. Often, you can choose to work different hours to revolve around school pick ups, for example, and you can work weekends if this suits better. As well as this, being a qualified hairdresser means that you can take your qualifications almost anywhere. You can decide to work as a freelance hair stylist, work from home, or even go to client’s homes if you like to travel around.

There is often a need for stylists who can be a little bit more flexible and go to a person’s home instead, so this can be a great opportunity to either work flexibly or to gain some extra work outside of the salon.

Provide a variety of services

Today’s hairdressing is not just about a simple wash, cut and dry. Today, with many different styles, trends and new technologies, hairdressing has become a sort of science. Many people are looking for a professional who will be able to provide them with a particular style or colour that they may have seen online, on television, or a style that their favourite celebrity has been sporting.

With so many options for people to achieve with their hair, a hairdresser won’t just be providing the standard wash, cut and dry ever again. As well as this, many people are expecting their salon to not just help with their hairstyle needs, but also beauty services such as nails and skin services. You may be able to learn some new skills and not only cut and colour hair, but also provide manicures and facials, which will also break up your day and help to make your job even more interesting.

Pursuing your dreams

One of the key reasons a person decides to become a hairdresser is to pursue their career dreams that they may have had for a while. Growing up, the dream to be a stylist can be quite strong with some people and so becoming a hairdresser means this dream will become fulfilled.

Many people go through life working in jobs they do not feel passionate about, simply to return home at the end of the week with a pay cheque. Truth is, you will resent this kind of work over time, so it is best to simply find a career you’re interested in and pursue it. Not only will this help you to enjoy your daily work life, but you’ll also feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment with gaining the job you desire. When working in a role that you enjoy and are passionate about, going to work won’t ever seem like a chore. Finding a job that you love and enjoy will make your day that much more enjoyable.

Working as a hairdresser, like any role, will sometimes have it’s downsides, but at the end of the day, a job working as a hairdresser can be both rewarding and inspiring. Not only can you help others to achieve the looks they want, but you’ll also be able to help you with your own personal career goals and work in a position that you absolutely love.


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