As the technology industry is advancing at an accelerated pace, it has become quite common for some of the trends in programming to become obsolete in a couple of years. These programming techniques are being replaced by newer trends that assure better software development, wider capabilities, and faster development.

The change in the trends in programming is mainly driven by factors such as better efficiency, increased customization, and ease of use. This post presents an insight into the top 15 programming trends that will dominate the IT landscape in the year 2017 and beyond.


15 Latest Programming Trends in 2017

Software development is one of the few businesses where one needs to be continually involved in learning new languages and programming tactics, as the trends keep on changing at an exponential rate. A programming language or technology stack does not have a long life in the field of software development unless it is reinvented and packed with a newer set of features from time to time.

As 2017 has started, experts expect some new languages and frameworks to dominate the year. This post gives an insight into the top programming trends in 2017 and beyond –

  1. Java will Continue to Dominate the Programming Landscape

    With over 20 years of existence, Java has come quite far as a programming language. Today, Java is one of the most widely used languages, running on over 7 billion devices worldwide and being leveraged by about 9 million software developers across the globe to build unique solutions. In 2017, Java will continue to maintain its dominance as many applications would be powered by it. All the native Android apps are developed in Java, and this trend will continue. Java not only offers unmatched simplicity and readability but also ensures that the older Java applications stay functional. Owing to its amazing capabilities, it is being used by many company websites such as Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc.

  2. Dockers Will Be Increasingly Used by the App Developers

    As mobile and web application development trend is on the rise, many app developers are using Dockers and Containers to develop their apps and equip them with the advanced set of features & functionalities. Owing to the small size of Dockers and ease in deployment, it is going to become a mainstream programming trend in 2017.

  3. PHP Will Continue to Rule Web Development

    One of the top trends this year is going to be the usage of PHP. Being an open source web programming language, PHP is extensively used worldwide and = powers a large percentage of websites today. PHP boasts of simplicity, works exceptionally well with the CMSs, accepts platform diversity, is powerful, scalable yet flexible, and delivers incredible performance.

  4. Ruby On Rails Programming Will Become Popular

    Ruby on Rails is a web application framework drafted in Ruby programming language. It picked up speed in 2016 and its expected to become one of the top-notch programming trends in 2017. With accelerated web processes, flexibility, ease of use, customization, efficient content management and lower cost, it is one of best frameworks used by developers.

  5. Functional Programming Languages Will Emerge

    Functional programming languages will gain popularity and dominate in 2017, as they use a completely different paradigm when compared to object oriented and imperative languages and make the code clearer, prevent a lot of errors, and give a better structure to code.

  6. Spark Will Replace Hadoop

    Spark is the file system being used for processing structured and non-structured data, collectively known as the Big Data. And Spark has borrowed some of the best features from Hadoop and possess the capability of the Hadoop to keep the data in the fast memory. Some programmers are merging the two by using the speeds of Spark in Hadoop’s distributed file system.

  7. Big Data Will Be Widely Used by Businesses to Derive Useful Insights

    Today, not only the IT industry but also the consumer-oriented market segment is dominated by data. Companies seek valuable insights about customer behavior and use it to enhance customer service. The colossal data which is being leveraged by companies and analysts to derive useful customer related insights is collectively known as Big Data, and this Big Data analysis is certainly going to be one of the future programming trends.

  8. Machine Learning / A.I. Will Be Leveraged for Analyzing Information

    As we are moving towards automation, our dependence on automated expert systems to analyze the humongous amounts of available data is increasing. This data can help companies take key business decisions at critical times. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to gather interest among organizations and be one of the most dominating trends in 2017.

  9. JavaScript Programming Will Rule Web Programming

    JavaScript programming makes web pages interactive and will continue to dominate this year. Almost every website on the internet today incorporates a few elements developed in JavaScript, and thus, no one can deny the significant role played by JavaScript programming in festooning the websites with a large number of features.

  10. Android Programming Will Rule the Mobile App Development Market

    As more and more smart and wearable devices are using the Android platform, the demand and popularity of Android programming have scaled newer heights. Today, over 80% people across the globe use devices powered by Android. This popularity will continue to boom as more and more people join the smartphone club in 2017.

  11. CSS Frameworks Will Be Increasingly Used by Web Developers

    CSS frameworks are the front-end frameworks which offer a standardized set of best practices, criteria, and concepts to deal with different types of common problems. With the flexibility to reuse code and make web development easy, CSS frameworks are widely used by web developers, and will continue to hog the limelight in the years to come.

  12. C++ Will Maintain its Place as the Top Software Programming Language

    C++ has been around for a long time now and continues to gain consistent popularity as a top-notch programming language. And C++ is indeed one of the most widely used languages supporting the development of a broad spectrum of software solutions, and will continue to enjoy unparalleled popularity even in the coming years.

  13. Node.js will Become the Favorite of Web Developers

    Node.js, a JavaScript runtime built on the JavaScript V8 engine of Chrome, uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model which makes it efficient and lightweight. With one of the largest open source libraries ecosystem across the globe, Node.js has become the programmers' and web developers’ favorite. Node.js will continue to gain popularity and will prove to be among the latest web programming trends.

  14. C# Will Gain Immense Popularity in 2017

    The usability and flexibility of C# have made it a hit among the developers. C# is also one of the most popular programming languages among game developers, and is expected to maintain its popularity in 2017 and beyond as well.

  15. SQL Will Dominate the Database Space

    It's no surprise that SQL has been able to make its presence felt in this list as it is used by programmers far and wide. An array of database technologies use SQL in multiple ways, and it's hard to imagine smooth database functioning without SQL. It is certainly going to be one of the most trending programming languages in the year to come.


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