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DOMEX is an award-winning appliance repair specialist for London based in Epsom. As an approved service center for numerous electrical appliance brands, DOMEX has all the most up-to-date knowledge and parts to help its clients.

Founded in 2003, we have seen the company go from strength to strength and we are now an industry leader with over 60 engineers in the Domex family.


The longstanding friendship between Rado and I has been instrumental to the success of our business which is why, when it came to building our team, we wanted to create an extension of that. Our employees are our family – our customers, too. And of course, as part of our family, we protect our customers, which is why we’re Gas Safe and F-Gas registered.

As a team, we all share the same core values, one of which is a commitment to excellence. It’s in our 500 sq.ft Training Centre where our engineers’ training starts and where they learn from each other and grow – we’re not driven by numbers, we’re driven by curiosity. As a result, we’ve picked up a number of awards and accolades over the years; we’ve won a Total Excellence and Quality Award three times, and a Best Whirlpool Service Centre Award, too.

However, a team doesn’t achieve excellence overnight, which is why we’re wholly committed to training new starters. All that we ask is you have a desire to learn, respect your team and wear the Domex badge with pride.

Our striving for excellence and our commitment to our customers is what has defined our family over the past 16 years – and it’s these values that we will do our utmost to retain moving forward.


We truly believe that the great work we do here is a product of the great individuals that make up our team. While our engineers may work solo, everything we do is a group effort. This is why – no matter what role you fill – the work you do with us and for our customers will always be recognized and valued.

When we’re looking for new recruits to join the Domex family, we look beyond what your CV has to say – we want to learn about you. Specifically, we think that these characteristics are what make a great fit our team:

  • Dependability: We prize honesty and reliability above all. To become an integral member of the Domex family, you must be able to put the interests of the team above everything, and in turn, the team will support you. It’s reciprocal.
  • Professionalism: For us, professionalism isn’t about who you are or what degree you have, it’s about following the rules and processes which have made Domex so successful. This is why we take it easy on new starters, so we can give them the time to build the right habits and make the right decisions.
  • A can-do attitude: We firmly believe that attitude is far more important than talent, and that belief is the foundation for our success. If we fail, we remain positive, adapt, and try again. We can teach you the skills, but persistence is a virtue you must develop yourself.
  • Pride: We don’t mean arrogance – all that we ask is that you are proud to become a part of the Domex family.


If you have any questions about the qualities we look for in our candidates, or the recruitment process itself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We’re always looking for bright and positive people to join the fold!

OUR RECRUITMENT PROCESSExceptional service has to be delivered by an exceptional team which, in turn, requires exceptional individuals. This is why we have tailored our recruitment process to help us best identify those who belong in the Domex family.If you would like to apply for a position with us, you can submit your application using any of the following mediums: a PDF, a Word document, or even a short video explaining why you believe you’re a great fit for Domex.STAFF TRAININGThe Domex family looks out for one another and, like all great families, encourages each other to grow and develop. This is why we offer all of our staff – no matter how fresh or experienced – a range of training and development opportunities. We have a dedicated training manager, too, ensuring that everyone has a chance to discover and nurture their talents.TRAINEE ENGINEER ROLES

We’re always looking for budding appliance engineers with a passion for great service, and when we find someone who fits the bill, we help them flourish. Our trainee engineer roles allow employees to learn on the job as well as through dedicated sessions, so they can kickstart their career the right way.


We never stop learning, which is why we provide ongoing new product training for all of our staff, as well as the opportunity to go to college and further develop their skills.


Whether it be communications training for new office staff, management courses for our leaders, or NVQs for customer service and admin, our training manager is always looking for ways to help our office staff to develop both individually and as a team.

If you would like to learn about any vacancies currently open at Domex, head to our careers page. Even if there is nothing open, we always want to hear from positive, passionate who want to make a difference with Domex.

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