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We Have Over 18 Years of Experience in Our Services
The production company “WOOD AND COAL LTD”, was founded in 2014 in UK, the city of London.
The firm has settled in this suburban area with a highly competitive rate and an attractive price offer in the segment of production both in UK and abroad.
The market progress was successful and the proposal was as close as possible to the consumer request, breaking many short-term obstacles, hence the team of specialists in the company resorted to unconventional technology and marketing efforts. Wood and Coal Ltd boldly took a course on advanced manufacturing technologies and promotion of products on the market

Our main export types of wood are: pine, oak, beech , birch, white ash , spruce and poplar. Also we offer: fir, aspen, hornbeam and alder.

All wooden waste from our sawmills we use to make bio-energy products like pellets, briquettes, wooden charcoal, sawdust briquette charcoal and firewood.

Sawmills are in different parts of Two different locations:

United Kingdom: Main Address: London
United Arab Emirates: Secondary Location: Abu Dhabi
We cut and export any kind of timber that grows in Europe Presently we have our own 12 sawmills and export up to 10000 m3 per month. If our production capacity is not enough for your demand we involve in the production process of our partner sawmills. At this moment our partner’s network consists of more than 100 small and middle-size sawmills and grows every month.

Main export directions are the Middle East, North part of Africa, China, India, South Korea, and the European Union. We export to more than 30 countries, and our aim is to export to every country in the world. Due to moderate wages and high quality of European logs

Company Overview
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