About the Company

LATSHIPBUILDING is a shipbuilding company located in the capital city of Latvia, in the port city of Riga. The main activity of the company is shipbuilding and assembly.

LATSHIPBUILDING  has accumulated considerable experience in the maritime sector in international markets, as well as adds professionals to the shipbuilding industry every year.

LATSHIPBUILDING  specialists specialize in welding and assembly work, pipe installation, HVAC installation and insulation, as well as electrical installation and finishing work.

LATSHIPBUILDING assembles  its team of professionals for projects from experienced and responsible specialists, based on the development of a work plan in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Our team of specialists is responsible for ensuring the highest quality standards and timely development of a work plan for the development of your project.

The work of LATSHIPBUILDING masters in the market has gained recognition from our cooperation partners in several European ports.

Qualified employees are the most important part of LATSHIPBUILDING and are highly valued. Qualified, certified and responsible employees are the preconditions for the company to be able to ensure the development of a work plan in a high-quality and efficient manner. By constantly investing in raising the qualification and knowledge of our employees, we have been able to meet the market demand for the highest level specialists and implement projects of various levels of difficulty. We specialize in shipbuilding that meets the highest qualification standards in the yacht and mega yacht industry. We also perform interior finishing works for cruise ships, as well as various types of shipbuilding and assembly.

LATSHIPBUILDING can quickly create a team of professionals for the necessary shipbuilding and finishing work required for the successful development and implementation of the project.

LATSHIPBUILDING  provides its employees with training, work clothes and safety equipment, work tools, as well as all social guarantees in Latvia and abroad. Our goal is to provide our employees with the highest quality working and living conditions and to provide them with the opportunity to improve their knowledge for further career development.

For our existing as well as potential partners, LATSHIPBUILDING always guarantees responsiveness and prompt assistance to provide qualified specialists at the request of the partners for the development of the project plan.

LATSHIPBUILDING's vision is to become a leader and example among service providers, ensuring accuracy, the highest quality standards consistently from year to year.

Company Overview
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