Making a Successful Transition from College to Career

By Nataliia | November 9, 2017

  For many seniors, the time leading up to college graduation and the start of a first job is often chaotic and stressful. You are trying to complete your college career without too much of a senioritis meltdown while dealing with the demands of job-hunting, interviewing, and facing the reality of the end of schooling

10 Tips For Surviving a Professional Kitchen

By Nataliia | November 9, 2017

  Walking into a new kitchen for the first time can be an extremely scary thing. Each professional kitchen has its own culture and way of doing things. If you take one misguided step, you risk embarrassing yourself – not to mention possibly ending up in the ER with a chef-inflicted knife wound.  To help

Could Solar be the Largest Electricity Source by 2050?

By Nataliia | November 9, 2017

  Schneider Electric’s CMO, Chris Hummel, pondered recently on Twitter whether the IEA’s claim that solar energy could be the leading source of electricity by 2050 was achievable. Wanting to benchmark this optimism with something familiar, I started close to home, and with California. For the golden state has the the most aggressive renewable energy target in the

Top 12 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

By Nataliia | November 9, 2017

  Cloud computing in businesses has changed the way IT practices are carried out and it is predicted to have the most measurable impact on businesses by 2017. In the past, companies would have their applications run on a local computer or a local server in the office premises. But now it allows organizations to

All You Need to Know about Mesotherapy

By Nataliia | November 9, 2017

  Mesotherapy involves the injection of small amounts of medication, vitamins and amino acids into the mesoderm (the middle layer of skin). The substance is placed just millimeters under the skin into the problematic area through a series of tiny and almost painless micro-injections to deliver healing or corrective treatments. Mesotherapy was pioneered by Dr

What Makes a Great Barista?

By Nataliia | November 2, 2017

  As baristas, we should aim to stand out. I’m not talking about being the centre of attention, but something else – something about the way you make that perfect cup of coffee that makes you cooler than cool. Something that makes the customer’s day, that helps them to love coffee even more, and that inspires other

4 Lessons the Oil & Gas Industry Can Learn From Tech Companies

By Nataliia | November 2, 2017

Because of their similarities, they can learn from each other’s successes and failures. Here are four lessons the oil industry can learn from tech companies:   1. Diversify Product Lines If we are going to look for lessons in the tech industry, it only makes sense to start with the best. Apple has been a

5 Ways In Which Beacon Technology Can Change Our Lives

By Nataliia | November 2, 2017

  Being one of the massive steps in the ambient context identification, beacon technology has become one of the buzzwords in today’s technology industry. Beacon technology is slowly becoming a highly prevalent part of the day to day life. As the opportunities for integration of the Beacon technology with the enterprise systems are evolving, the

The 10 Worst Chemicals in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

By Nataliia | November 2, 2017

The entire cosmetic industry is in a buyer beware state of alert, thanks to the latest additions to the melting pot of chemicals and pollutants in skin care, above and beyond the usual parabens. Consumers are warned by experts to put on the watch list any makeup which contains synthetic coloring ingredients, emulsifiers, leads, copolymer, triclosan, and “urea

4 Ways to Get a Head Start on Your Financial Career

By Nataliia | October 26, 2017

  In this article we’ll explore things that recent and soon-to-be graduates can do to decide where they want their financial planning career to go and to then get a leg-up on the competition. Prepare Before You Graduate Perhaps the first and most obvious course of action is to simply choose an appropriate major. These include business,